Weatherford Chiropractic (P.L.L.C.)

Services Offered

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Spinal Adjusting
 utilizing the following techiques:
Percussive Vibration
Upper Cevical Specific ( HIO)
Full Spine Diversified Techniques
Applied Kinesiology
Activator Methods
Logan Basic Methods
Mears Technique
Trigger Point Techniques
Thompson Terminal Point
Dynamic Non Force Technique ( DNFT)
Flexion-Distraction Technique
cold laser therapy

Many Low Back, Shoulder,  and knee injuries can be helped with Kinesio-taping

we use Rock Tape, as we feel it has superior  qualities.  Dr. Stern is ROCKTAPE DOC.



Pre-School Physical Examinations
Department of Transportation Examinations
Therapeutic Exercise Consultation
Prescription of Soft Orthotics, for Spinal Stabilization
Spinal Analysis
Scoliosis Detection
Spinal X-Ray Analysis, and Postural Analysis
Nutritional Consultation
Available for lectures to all Civic and Professional Orgnizations on a variety of Natural healing topics
Chiropractic Wellness & Preventative Care
Orthopaedic Stabilization  Devices
( Pillows, Supports, Braces, etc)
 Private label Nutraceuticals (Vitamins) .

bullet Chronic injuries and pain
bullet Nerve Root disease (numbness, tingling, burning)
bullet Low back pain (including disc problems)
bullet Sinus problems
bullet Neck pain and whiplash
bullet Fibromyalgia
bullet Muscle pain
bullet Stress and fatigue
bullet Arthritis and joint pain
bullet Digestive problems
bullet Sprains
bullet Tendonitis (tennis elbow)










Symptoms of allergies (sinus, neck pain, headache)


The benefits of Chiropractic are for your entire family


If you have recieved relief with CHIROPRACTIC CARE,  & Spinal Adjustments, then you owe it to Humankind to tell others !

Effective in July of 2010 , we will be offering Massage Therapy, conducted by Angela Breeze L.M.T. a graduate of the North Texas Institute of Swedish Massage. Angela uses customized oils in all of her Massages. Provides excellent services at affordable rates.
  Angela also offers "PET MASSAGE" at Le Chateau K-9 (