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Initial Visit

Case History, Physical Examination inclusive of Orthopaedic & Neurological, gait examination, & Chiropractic Evaluation

Appetizers ( Pre or Post adjustive therapies administered as indicated.)

Ultra Sound----------------------------------- no additional fee
high Volt Galvanic----------------------------- no additional fee
Low Volt Galvanic----------------------------- no additional fee
Percussive Vibration-------------------------- no additional fee
Deep Tissue Kneading------------------------- no additional fee
Electrical Muscle Stimulation------------------ no additional fee
    Instrument Adjusting ( IMPULSE)-------------  no additional fee
   Cold Laser Therapies--------------------------  no additional fee

Main Course

Specific Chiropractic Adjustment( using whatever technique we deem appropriate) of all mis-aligned segments, all spinal areas, all regions.

Side Items

Braces, Appliances, Soft Orthotics, Nutraceuticals ( Vitamins) X-Rays, Spinography (when indicated)
Priced Per Item

Little Buckaroo and Buckarette Specials


Total office visit will include whatever the young one  needs, that we have available in the office exclusive of sides above, or School Physicals.
Fourteen years of age or under
all children will recieve a "Goodie Coupon"
redeemable at a local vendor

Other Services

School Physicals & Examinations--------------  $20.00
D.O.T. Examinations---------------------------   $75.00
Consultation ------------------------------------  No Fee
Patients requiring sophisticated Diagnostic Imaging ( M.R.I., C.T. scans etc) , will either be sent to Parker County Urgent Care,  Weatherford Regional Medical Center,  Radiology Associates, or Gateway Diagnostic  for these interpretative examinations, Weatherford Chiropractic is a registered provider at all of these facilities, we will receive copies of all reports and work with you to address your health care needs in accordance with findings.  Fees for these special studies/ Services will be collected at these facilities or Insurance arrangements can be made.
Patients requiring Blood or Urine analysis or other diagnostic lab examinations, will be drawn at Lab-Corp at the corner of Eureka and Santa Fe (across and diagonally  from the Police Station) Lab-Corp will collect fees, or bill you insurance company  for services rendered.


Chiropractic Health Care should be Affordable.
That is out Goal !!

Good Health doesn't cost, it pays !!!!