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Wellness, is a new "BUZZWORD" in health care, it has many definitions, some unique to Allopathic Medicine, some unique to Osteopathic Medicine, and Some to Chiropractic, and the word has also been defined, by the Health SPA industry,various Gyms, Personal trainers etc, etc.
Until all major branches of the healing arts, come come to an agreement of what "WELLNESS" actually is, it can leave the public ( consumer) in the dark, as wellness to some may NOT be what wellness is to others !
So there is no confusion OR PUBLIC MISREPRESENTATION in the interpretation of what "WEATHERFORD CHIROPRACTIC"  sees as wellness, the following is provided:

We  recognize "WELLNESS" as:

 "A process of optimal functioning and creative adaptation involving all aspects of life. Health is a state of optimal well being and functioning; wellness is an active process employing a set of values and behaviors that promotes health and enhances the quality of life. "