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Children & Chiropractic

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Children are incredibly resiliant to minor falls and accidents, they usually heal quite rapidly, and go their  merry way.
 At least that's what we think!
 Falls that they have  on a daily basis can have an affect your children, various school activities, such as Soccer, Football, Cheerleading etc. can effect spinal mobility, loss of integity of articular regions, and could be a souce of problems, if not immediately, then perhaps in the future.
You as a parent are charged with the responsibilty of assuring that your children are provided all they need, so that they can develop adequately, and eventually be  healthy, outstanding members of our community.  I, as a Doctor of Chiropractic, have taken an oath to provide the very best of care to those patients that walk thru my doors.
It makes sense to give a little spine a BIG chance to grow straight,,,doesn't it???
Are your Children getting that chance with CHIROPRACTIC???


We are serious about Kids and Chiropractic !!!
Children requiring a Spinal Adjustment  under the age of 14, (if clinically warranted) will be charged 1/2 of the normal fee.  Children recieving a Spinal Adjustment will be given a special "GOODIE COUPON" which can be redeemed at a local vendor.

The route to health , Exercise ( of the mind and body), proper nutrition, general counseling with respect to illegal drugs, and smoking, etc.,
is really quite easy, When our children have an understanding of the importance of a better  and healthier life-style.
It is never to early to educate them correctly..and when done, the results can and will be a longer, and better quality of life !