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Constant motion of the spine and its' articulations are incresingly important  as we age, as this  keeps  the joints, and the individual "MOTOR UNITS" of the vertebral column "moving" and can increase  our agility as we get older.
There are specific exercises for various articulations of the body, as these articulations function differently.  The Hip for example is a "BALL & SOCKET" joint and it operates differently than the Knee which is referred to as a "HINGE JOINT"
Once care is started at WEATHERFORD CHIROPRACTIC, we can "CUSTOM TAILOR" exercises for your specific needs.
We have come across a wonderful program however, that provides exercise regimins, on a limited basis for "GENERAL MOBILITY" of afflicted joints and articulations.
 This ingenious exercise program  can  easily be peformed at your place of work, or at home.
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