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the Spinal Column

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The Vertebral Column, is an integral part of what is referred to as the "AXIAL SKELETON"
The Spinal or Vertebral Column consists of 24 moveable vertebrae ( motor units) plus the Sacrum and the Coccyx.
There are located between the vertebrae ( except the first and 2nd cervical Atlas & Axis, and the Sacrum and Coccyx) Intervetebral discs, that have the specific function of acting as "SHOCK ABSORBERS" and allow for mobility and movement.


Housed within the Vertebral Column is the Spinal Cord, which is part of the  Central Nervous System , the Central Nervous System(CNS) being comprised of the Brain and the Spinal Cord.
The main function of the Spinal Cord is the transmission of Neural inputs between the periphery and the Brain and visa versa.
Dr. Stern, specifically deals with the individual vertebral motor units, and addresses their integrity with relationship to each other, thus restoring a more normal neuronal / vertebral scenario.
The methods used are referred to as "SPINAL ADJUSTMENTS" which are painless in nature, and utilize the laws of Biomechanics and physics with specifically directed "THRUSTS" .  These corrections might entail the use of Long or Short lever techniques, high , low, or non- impact manipultions,ancillary Physiological therapeutics, diet, exercise, and other methodolgies permitted by the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examners.